From the Haphazard Twitter Files of Ms. Bookish (Edition No. 1)

twitterimage This has been my first full week “back” on Twitter, and so far so good – it’s been a lot of fun, I’ve met a lot of great people, and best of all, I’m learning new things. Including the fact that I have a disturbing tendency to use a lot of exclamation marks when I’m confined to 140 characters (I don’t think I want to know what this implies about my writing style …)

But anyway, I like to put everything to good use, so I thought I’d play around with this new series that I am tentatively entitling “What I Learned on Twitter This Week” “From the Haphazard Twitter Files of Ms. Bookish”.

(I’m writing this as a draft post that I’ll be adding to all week, so I might come up with a snazzier title, but my brain has been on overload for a while now so probably not. So, okay, maybe this new title’s not snazzier, but I quite like it. Anyone ever read From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler? Loved that book when I was a kid!

Here’s what I picked up this week on Twitter – they aren’t all “bookish” but they’ve enriched my life nevertheless.

  • How to get hold of quotes when you’re reviewing the audiobook version. BethF (@bethfishreads) gave me this great piece of advice: use the “search inside” feature at Amazon or Barnes & Noble to look for specific quotes.
  • So, what if you haven’t actually read the book? How to lie about books is a must read. It’s hilarious – I was laughing out loud all the way through – and the tips might actually work (the kitten one, definitely – oh, and the one about Dune, too). And remember: “There’s no shame in lying about what you’ve read. There’s only shame in getting caught. Then you look like a doofus, and an illiterate one at that. And there are few things upon which the literate world heaps more scorn than doofi.” Via @greybon
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Haven’t read the book, but now I want to read it AND see the movie. (Although Rebecca tells me the book doesn’t actually feature an inventor. Still, looks like fun.) Via @imlostinbooks
  • Maybe I should be getting an MP3 player. I know, I know. I love my iPod. But if there’s a way to do a little rewinding on it, I sure don’t know how. But I can do this with an MP3 player – which is exactly what I need.
  • A Twitter television series. Is the world really ready for a Twitter TV series? It boggles my mind when I start thinking of the scripts and characters … But as it turns out, it’s not exactly what it sounds like.
  • Book adaptations on the big screen. Ten books to read before they hit the big screen – interesting to see what Hollywood considers good movie material. Via @laurengibaldi
  • And speaking of which: 13 book to film adaptations the authors hated – complete with the trailers! Via @LJBookReview
  • No more overdue books! (Or at least, that’s the hope …). Library Elf sends out overdue and pre-due notices via email, and luckily my library is supported. I am beyond thrilled about this. I had a little bit of a problem setting up my account, and then I used the username I use to log-in to my library, rather than my library card number, and it worked! Via @Vasilly.
  • Free audiobook downloads. You get to download Merrano of the Dry Country, by Louis L’Amour, Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House book) and The Sword of Hades, by Percy Jackson, all in audio, if you sign up for the Random House Audio newsletter. Via @randomhouse.
  • Writers on writers. Videos of writers Salmon Rushdie, John Grisham, Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan and David Foster Wallce talking about different aspects of writing: Writers on Writing collection. Via @randomhouse.

So far so good. I’ll have to see where Twittering takes me, but it’s been a fun week so far.

6 thoughts on “From the Haphazard Twitter Files of Ms. Bookish (Edition No. 1)

  1. Jen - Devourer of Books

    You actually can rewind a little on your Ipod (unless you have the Shuffle, maybe). While you’re listening, hit the round button in the center until you get a progress bar. If you circle back then, you’ll rewind. Good tip on finding quotes when you listened to the audio, I totally missed that!

    Jen – Devourer of Books’s last blog post..Library Loot – May 29, 2009

  2. Belle Post author

    Meghan, making a list like this makes me feel less guilty about all the time I’m spending on Twitter :)

    Jen – thank you! I’ll give that a try. I think you’ve saved me going out and buying an MP3 player.

  3. Bookwormom

    The library emails re: due dates are a god send. I’m forever losing track of which ones are due when, this has saved me a fortune. Although, I currently owe them $5. *blush* Forever disorganized, that’s me. lol I love the Mrs. Frankweiler book. It’s one of my favorites. Another great kids book translated into movie is Holes by Louis Sachar (I think). Happy reading


    Bookwormom’s last blog post..


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