From the Haphazard Twitter Files (No. 6)

Haphazard Twitter Files

It’s Saturday night already – the week has just flown by. I’m really quite excited, because aside from an indexing deadline on Monday and some legal blog posts on Tuesday, I’ll finally have some time off!

I realized I had to come up with a graphic for my Haphazard Twitter Files posts. I’ll have to come up with something better, but for now this file folder graphic I did up (I used a free image from Pixabay and the LetterGlow app), will have to do. I am so so so happy there are iPhone apps out there that make creating graphics so much easier.

Sticking with last week’s decision, from now on for The Haphazard Twitter Files I’ll be choosing seven of the links I tweeted in the previous week – if I posted all of them, this post would be very long!

  1. You never know when advice like this might come in handy: How to Sleep in a Haunted House.  The author, a sleep specialist, wanted to sleep at the hotel that scared him the most, but unfortunately (or should that be fortunately?!) the Overlook Hotel exists only on the pages of Stephen King’s The Shining. So he chose two next-best alternatives, including the hotel which was used for the interior shots of The Overlook in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining.
  2. 16 Skills to Make Your Reading More Productive is definitely geared more to non-fiction reading than fiction, but there were some interesting ideas in here. I’ve been developing an interest in marginalia, one of the techniques mentioned in this list (although I have yet been able to bring myself to make a mark in a book …).
  3. A game for readers! The Bring Your Own Book game is a “game of borrowed phrases, where players search through books for text to take way out of context.” There’s a Kickstarter for it. Want to give it a try now? Scroll to the bottom of the Bring Your Own Book page where you can print-and-play, with your choice of Classic Rules, Democratic Rules and Cutthoat Rules.
  4. I love these pictures of the quote cards from the 365 Gathered Thoughts quote box. It looks like they might be hard to find (Amazon lists them as currently unavailable) so I’ve been thinking I might like to make my own deck. I really like the vintage look of the cards, though, so will have to think a bit about how to achieve that look.
  5. There are some really interesting ideas in 10 Powerful Ways That Will Change the Way You Work. My favourite suggestion? Dedicate time to playful exploration. Yes!
  6. I am always on the lookout for posts and articles that will motivate me to keep a journal consistently. I have so many notebooks and journals with maybe seven to ten pages filled with journaling and then … nothing other than blank pages. I guess if I cobbled all those written pages together, I would have a full journal of sorts! After I read These 8 Good Things Will Happen When You Start Writing Diaries I decided to pick up the Commonplace book I started last year and continue with it. It’s not a journal, exactly, but it appears the way I’d been keeping it was journal-like.
  7. And finally, if you sit at a desk all day, and want to add more fitness to your day, check out this infographic on 15 exercises you can do at your desk. I’m still using the standing desk I rigged up last month but I do alternate between standing and sitting (as the day wears on, my legs get too tired of standing) so this is a handy infographic to have around.

These are the tweets I’ve pulled from my haphazard Twitter files for this week. Want to follow me on Twitter? I’m @msbookish!

One thought on “From the Haphazard Twitter Files (No. 6)

  1. Beth F

    I’ve gotten so lazy when it comes to creating graphics. A few of these links have caught my interest — esp. the one about exercises at my desk.


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