From My Haphazard Twitter Files (No. 7): dim sum, diversity perceptions in book reviews, the Princess Bride and more


It’s time for another peek at my haphazard Twitter files! This week I’ve chosen eight links out of all the ones I tweeted since the last Haphazard Twitter Files post. Not all bookish, since I like to tweet whatever catches my eye and I have to tell you, SO many things catch my eye!

1. I’ve never been great with languages, but I’ve been thinking about learning another one lately. These top 10 podcasts to help you learn a language might come in handy!

2. Old books reborn as art.  Such an incredible video, from TedTalks.

3.  If you’ve been wanting to try dim sum but the idea of all those choices scares you a little, check out this beginner’s field guide to dim sum at Lucky Peach (which, by the way, is a wonderful foodie magazine). It’s quite a comprehensive list, and there were selections on there I’ve never tried myself.

My own personal dim sum favourites? The rice noodle rolls with shrimp, har gow (shrimp dumplings) and steamed spareribs with fermented black beans. Mmmm.

4. Author Malinda Lo has written a great post about perceptions of diversity in book reviews. This is part one, where she goes over a number of professional book reviews from places like Kirkus and Publishers Weekly and shows us one perception that crops up in these reviews: the idea that a diverse cast of characters is “scarcely plausible”. You can catch up with the rest of the posts she’ll write in this series here (there’s a second post up now on “so many (too many?) issues”.

5. February is graphic novel month, right? Memory has written a post over at Lady Business where she writes about the Hugo’s Best Graphic Story category and recommends a number of 2014 new releases. Go read and be prepared to expand your TBR list!

6. Want to know how to slow down time? Check out the life-changing trick author Michael Lewis (Liar’s Poker, Moneyball) wrote on a Chipotle cup.

7. Some of the items in 16 skills that make your reading more productive can apply to reading fiction as well as non-fiction. I find these kinds of lists normally work best with reading nonfiction, so that was a pleasant surprise. I love the idea of a commonplace book, and I really want to start giving myself permission to make notes directly in some of the books I read.

8. The Guardian has a great interview with Cary Elwes on The Princess Bride: “I know what my epitaph will be”.  I haven’t read As You Wish yet, but it’s in my TBR stacks and I know right after I read it, I’m going to want to watch “The Princess Bride” again!

There was, unfortunately, one dud among the links I tweeted this week. I was super excited about this hack that promises you can quickly peel a hard-boiled egg by shaking it in a glass of water. I tried it twice and sadly I ended up with a half-peeled egg that broke in half each time. Maybe I shook it for too long both times …

What interesting links did you tweet or come across on Twitter this week?

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