Fangirl at the dentist on a very cold day

Yikes! We hit low of -21° C today (that’s -5.8° F). It was cold … brrrr!

I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of doing this before, but I had a dental cleaning scheduled this morning and I decided to take my iPod along. I was in the final few hours of Fangirl and really wanted to keep listening.

I actually enjoy getting my teeth cleaned (I know some people don’t). To me, it feels like going to a spa for my teeth, or getting a massage for my gums. But still, it’s a whole hour spent lying there in the dentist’s chair, and even though my dentist has all sorts of channels on the TV he has set up in each of the dentistry rooms, you can never be too sure you’ll find anything interesting. Plus you have to move your head a little this way, then a little that way, and sometimes your view is blocked by the light shining at your mouth.

An audiobook is so perfect in such a situation. Like I said, I don’t know why it never occurred to me before.

This time around, I popped in my earbuds and had a great time listening to more of Fangirl. It was so nice and made the time just fly by. I think today was probably one of the most enjoyable dental cleanings I’ve ever had. Plus I only have about an hour left of Fangirl now. I am definitely going to be taking an audiobook to my next dentist’s visit!


I mentioned that it was really cold today, right? So this morning before I left to go to the dentist’s, I switched my regular gloves, which are nice brown suede ones with enough of a liner to keep the regular cold away, to a pair of heavy-duty gloves, the kind that are temperature-rated and don’t feel the cold at all. My hands felt all snug and warm the whole time I was out and about, but when I got home and went to put my regular gloves back in my handbag, guess what I found?

My poor gloveMy poor, poor glove

Yes, it’s a rather useless glove now. I’m not sure if the photo is clear enough, but the tip of the thumb is gone, while the rest of the fingers have been gnawed all over. I had to throw it away in the garbage, along with its unharmed partner. And we all know who was the culprit.

The cat who eats glovesDoes he look like a cat who’s just eaten a glove?

Hobbes looks sweet when he’s asleep, but honestly, when he’s awake? He’s a holy terror.

And now I have to find time to go buy another pair of gloves.

Have you ever listened to an audiobook while in the dentist’s chair? And do you have a cat or a dog who can be so breathtakingly naughty sometimes?

8 thoughts on “Fangirl at the dentist on a very cold day

  1. Heidenkind

    Two days ago I turned my back on one of my dogs, Calypso, for literally a minute and in that time she stole my brand new Bluetooth earbuds and chewed them to bits. I was like, REALLY?! Oh and the day before that she chewed through a bottle of prescriptions and there were pills everywhere.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Tasha, your comment made me laugh. Last year, when we first got Creeper (the one who looks like Grumpy Cat), my older son was holding him while he was playing his Xbox online with friends. Partway through the game, his headphones and mike stopped working. He looked down and Creeper had chewed through the wires while he was sitting on his lap! Creeper no longer does stuff like this. Now it’s only Hobbes. I commiserate with you 100 percent. On the bright side, at least Calypso didn’t down the pills!

  2. Athira

    I have never thought of that either – listening to an audiobook while at the dentist! I want to give that a try at my next appointment – pretty sure I will “enjoy” the dental experience for a change.

    And oh, Hobbes is so adorable! My dog chewed my glasses, my handbag, and my laptop cord once. She is a terror too.

  3. Ti

    My cat used to eat plastic but not cloth. Hmmm.

    I can’t listen to anything at the dentist. I am too worked up to relax. I do not like the dentist even though I have a great one.


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