Exhausted (yes, I’m looking at you, Daylight Savings Time)

Anyone else have a rough day of it today?

I swear, I woke up this morning and immediately felt like I could use a nap. Not that I’m normally a bounce-out-of-bed greet-the-morning-sunshine kind of person, but I’m usually a lot more lucid than I was this morning. That first Monday after “spring forward” is a killer, isn’t it?

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I had a number of biggish things on my to-do list, but only had the energy and concentration to complete the small things. I left the big things alone, like the WordPress upgrade on my kids-and-learning blog – it’s something I have to do manually and there was no way I was going to roll up my sleeves and touch that particular task today!

The book-reading demon had to go to some meditation thing tonight, so I ended up taking Dylan to dance classes. It’s an hour and a half long class, and I normally look forward to the wait time because it’s my reading time, but tonight, I didn’t even bother pulling out my Kobo. I sat there and browsed through Facebook and Flipboard and my head kept drooping. I nodded off a few times.

And I forgot when the class ended. So an hour into the wait, I got up and put my coat on, sure that Dylan was going be coming downstairs any minute. After about five minutes of standing aimlessly by the elevator doors, I realized the class wasn’t an hour long.  It’s an hour and fifteen minutes long, I thought to myself, feeling a little bit sheepish.

So then ten minutes later I got up again, put on my coat and wandered over to the elevators. It took another ten minutes for me to realize the class wasn’t an hour and fifteen minutes long, it was an hour and a half long.

I’m rather grateful I got us back home all right. The cold air did help me wake up a bit.

On the way home, we played our favourite game – counting taxis. We were quite pleased to reach 101 by the time we got to the door. And that was basically my biggest accomplishment for the day.

Did you have to go through Daylight Savings Time? Did you handle the day after better than I did?

8 thoughts on “Exhausted (yes, I’m looking at you, Daylight Savings Time)

  1. Ti

    I was fine the day after but today?? Not do fine!

    BUT, The Girl got called back for Briggitta and a lead nun for The Sound of Music. Auditions are tonight and she has no school today (parent conferences) so she went to work with The Hub so she can practice her songs, dances and lines.

  2. Charlie (The Worm Hole)

    101! I’m glad for you the air was cold as it does indeed sound like you were tired!

    We don’t put the clocks forward for another couple of weeks (mores the pity). I’m thinking of going to bed earlier a few days beforehand.

  3. Care

    My strategy for daylight savings was to go to a different time zone that was ON THE EDGE of a time zone, so we NEVERTHELESS could figure out what time it was! Out phones would bounce to different hours just in out hotel room! So, no routine, no problem. :)
    I rarely feel the time effect to be honest. More like getting mad at the dogs for THEIR being tied to a dinner time that doesn’t match my clock.


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