December Giftaway!

I just realized it’s already December 4 3 today, and I haven’t posted the details of this month’s giftaway yet.

Here’s how this month’s giftaway will work:

The gift:

Gift recipients will each receive two (2) paperback or trade paperback books of their choice. Selection is from books available at (if you live in the US), Chapters/Indigo (if you live in Canada or anywhere Book Depository doesn’t ship to) or Book Depository (if you live outside Canada/US and your country is listed here).

The winners:

One name will be chosen from the top 20 commentators here for the month of December, as calculated on December 31. (The list is displayed on my sidebar, by the way.)

One name will be chosen from the comments on this post. In the event that this name turns out to be the same name as the one chosen above, another name will be drawn.

I will use to draw the names.

To enter:

1. Leave one comment on this post. (No more than one, please.)

2. My top commentator thingie counts the number of comments made and who made them in any given time period. So to get on the top commentator list, just do what you normally do when you’re here!

What about Twitter/Facebook/linking here?

Do you have to Twitter this post, post it to Facebook, subscribe to this blog, link to this post on your own blog or shout my name from the rooftops?

No. Only if you want to (well, except the shouting my name from the rooftops – how about we just leave that until I get my novel(s) written, published and on the NYT bestseller list?)

End date:

Ends December 31, 2009. I will announce the winners sometime in the first week of January.


Winners residing in the US will have their books shipped from Amazon. Winners residing in Canada will have their books shipped from Chapters/Indigo. Winners outside of the US and Canada will have their books shipped from The Book Depository. Update: if a winner lives outside of where the Book Depository ships to, I will purchase and snail mail the books – it just might take a bit longer.


This giftaway is open worldwide (or, rather, it’s open anywhere that the Book Depository ships to – you can see the list of countries here. And it’s not open anywhere where contests/giveaways/sweeps like this one – where winners are chosen randomly – are void and prohibited.)

Spammy comments will not be eligible as they will be deleted or unapproved. (Otherwise, I can just see it now – I’d be announcing something like, “the winner is Try Viagra Free for One Night”!) Oh, and what constitutes spam is at my discretion.

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