So last week I mentioned how surprised I was that I was actually blogging about making kefir. Well, it turns out I’m going to keep surprising myself food-wise, because …

I just made homemade cheese! (Well, I guess if I made it, it would of course be homemade, but it felt absolutely necessary to use that word “homemade” because that’s part of what’s making me feel giddy inside.)

Here it is. Not a beautiful, food-magazine worthy shot, but it looks gorgeous to me:

Photo 2014-12-13, 7 14 31 PM

It’s a spreadable cream cheese type of cheese, and I made it from (did you guess?) kefir! I flavoured this batch with onion and garlic and some salt, and I’m waiting for the flavours to meld together before I use it. I’ve tasted it already and it tastes good, like a slightly more tart version of regular spreadable cream cheese.

I had no clue until a few days ago that I was even going to try something like this. But remember those milk kefir grains I got? Well, they apparently love the condo, because they culture milk into kefir like crazy. I’m now letting it go 24 hours because I’d be awash in milk kefir otherwise, but it really only takes about 12 hours and I have something drinkable.

Now, I like kefir, and I’ve been trying a lot of really delicious flavours (strawberry, blueberry, chocolate – and I’m trying out mango for today’s batch). The stuff is so delicious when you make it yourself, I can easily drink two or three glasses a day. But even with that kind of consumption rate, I do end up with extra kefir.

So I did some poking around online, and discovered it’s really really easy making kefir cheese. I checked out a bunch of “recipes” and they basically all said the same thing. Put your kefir into a square of cotton cloth (I just used one of our cotton table napkins), tie it up into a bundle and stick it in the fridge, where the whey will drip out of it. Most people put it in a strainer hanging over a large container, but I just stuck mine in a mason jar, stuck a chopstick through the knots I’d made to keep the bundle suspended, and 24 hours later … cheese!

Now I’m going to poke around online and see what kind of cheese-making kits might be out there. I need to add stuff to my Christmas wishlist!

I’m linking this post to this week’s Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads. Pop on over to check out more lovely foodie links!

7 thoughts on “Cheese!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      If you like kefir, you should definitely give it a try. Now that I’ve made quite a few batches, using different flavours, I can say for sure, it tastes much better than store-bought kefir.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I can’t bake, and I don’t even do the cooking around here, so I’m rather astonished I’m doing all this fermented food stuff!


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