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Snapshot: March 24, 2015

Time: 12:06 a.m.

Feeling: Really embarrassed. In my last post I talked about hoping to get organized with the Passion Planner, as I was feeling really overwhelmed with things. Well, earlier today (yesterday, actually, since it’s just past midnight) I forgot I had scheduled a get-to-know-you meeting with someone I met through an introduction on LinkedIn. I was having dinner out with my two older kids when I got a message from her asking if I wanted to reschedule, as she didn’t see me anywhere at our scheduled meeting place. I felt so bad—I am usually so good with appointments.

I’m not normally a scattered person but I’ve been feeling really disorganized lately, and this is the kind of thing that happens when I do feel scattered. Hopefully the new planner will get me organized. And luckily she wasn’t upset and we’ve rescheduled for this Friday.

Eating: The kids and I had abalone, sliced pork and preserved egg congee, fried dough fritters (to go with the congee), rice noodle rolls with shrimp and the BBQ meat plate with duck, pork and chicken.

Drinking: A glass of Malbec.

Reading: I’m about halfway through Spring Tide, by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind. It’s an interesting read, although I keep thinking something’s getting lost in the translation from Swedish. It’s an interesting read, though, and I’m pretty sure there will be lots of twists to come.

Spring Tide

I’m also about two-thirds through Pet Sematary, and it’s getting intense. I hope to finish it by the end of this week. Quite a few people have finished it for the #gangstercats readalong, so I’m playing a bit of catch-up.


Saturday afternoon was a bit of a comics afternoon for me. I am really loving Lumberjanes. It’s such a smart, fun comic. While I was reading issue 6, my son read over my shoulder, and now he wants to read the earlier issues!

Listening: I’m still listening to Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. I haven’t had much time for audiobooks lately (so yes, the place isn’t anywhere near clean!) but I’ve been enjoying listening to fifteen minutes or so every night before I go to bed.

Writing: I haven’t done any fiction writing the past few days, but I’m hoping this will change as I’m now actually scheduling things in the Passion Planner. I did finish a blog post for comics month at Book Bloggers International on Sunday which was really fun to write.

Working: I’ve had a nice break but now things are heating up again. I’ve got several articles due this week and next, plus a couple of indexes as well. I’m hoping the switch to the new planner will help me feel less overwhelmed and maybe even finish up some deadlines early.

Twitter chat: Had a really nice time at yesterday’s Bloggiesta Twitter chat, where we talked about “people”—the themes for the Twitter chats match the name of Bloggiesta’s mascot, PEDRO: People, E-presence, Display, Reviews and Organize. I won’t be able to make tomorrow’s chat as I’ll be heading back from Dylan’s hip hop class at the time, but I’m hoping to make at least one more chat this week. There’s a lovely recap of today’s chat here. 

Looking forward to: A week that’s scheduled! I’m really hoping the Passion Planner works for me. I’ve never actually scheduled my time before, but I’m liking how each day looks when it’s planned out.

Getting organized with the Passion Planner (I hope)

I really need to get organized.

When my assignments were mainly indexing ones, throwing up my deadlines onto Google Calendar more or less did the trick. I always knew what was coming due and how many days I’d need to make sure I met the deadline. I could hold the coming week’s to-dos in my head quite easily.

But now that I’ve “opened up to life”, so to speak, there are so many more things to keep track of. Things are getting busy again, but this time around it’s not just the indexes. While I’ve got indexing deadlines coming up, I also have several freelance article deadlines due over the next two weeks, too (eight of them, to be exact). Then there are the things I’ll be doing in the marketing position I’m going to be taking on, plus all the blogging events that are coming up (Readalongs! The Readathon! Bloggiesta Twitter chats!).

Not to mention my own personal writing projects. I’m enrolled in Kelley Armstrong’s Dark Fantasy summer course at U of T this summer, and I need to have the first 20 pages of my dark fantasy WIP ready for the class, as it has a workshopping component. I also have work to critique for my writing buddy Memory, and occasionally for the members of my online writing group, Suey, Tif and Kathy. Plus I have a new middle grade crit partner, Lisen – we’re exchanging 25 pages of our middle grade manuscripts each week.

Eek! Just writing out those two paragraphs sent me into overwhelm. I can’t keep track of everything with just Google Calendar. I need to plan my days out now, because there are just too many things to juggle in my mind. The problem? I haven’t used a planner or an agenda for ages, other than my Bullet Journal, which I mainly use to house my thoughts and various “collections” of ideas.

I need something heavy-duty. So I’m giving the Passion Planner a try. A few friends on Facebook have been talking about it, and it seems like the right kind of planner to juggle both work and passion project stuff. My life is basically divided between these two types of to-dos, and I like the idea of an all-in-one that can keep me organized while still making the non-work stuff as much of a priority (this is something I’ve not been very good at doing).

passion planner It’s too late to get a physical copy of the 2015 planner, but you can download either the 2015 Passion Planner PDFs for free (you just need to tweet about it to get access) or an undated version, also for free (no tweet necessary). I opted for the dated version since, knowing me, having to fill in the date would be just one more obstacle to actually using the planner.

Don’t you love how colourful it is? I’ve never had any luck with previous planners, but I’m hoping this one is different enough that it will “stick” and get me organized. There’s even a space for a gratitude list. (I haven’t been doing so well keeping up with my Happiness Jar, I’m afraid.)

My plan is to fill it out for this week and see how it goes. Because I really really need to get organized!

What about you? Do you have an organization/planning method you use and would recommend?

Snapshot: March 16, 2015

Time: 12:28 a.m. But I am totally writing this as if it was tomorrow already (because it kind of is, isn’t it?) since I’m scheduling this baby to publish first thing in the morning. Ahhh – I just love technology!

Feeling: Tired, but productive. I’m still dealing with the whole DST thing. I’ve been finding the moment it gets past 6 pm, I could really really use a nap. Anyone else feeling this way?

What am I doing right now? Multi-tasking, as usual. Which I know ALL the productivity experts say Is Not Good For You. I’m doing it anyway.


Dead Scared

This weekend was a bad, bad weekend for reading. I did finish Dead Scared and got a little bit more of Pet Sematary read (I was at Dylan’s dance classes on Saturday afternoon, with all of the afternoon stretched out in front of me for reading – and my Kobo died. I could have sworn the thing was fully charged when I left home that day!)

Still Writing

I did start Still Writing by Dani Shapiro, but what I really want to do is sink my teeth into some riveting fiction. Or a comic. Maybe a comic. I did pick up Alex + Ada from the library last week, after all. And I really really want to read it (and now I can).

Alex   Ada

Listening: I’ve been listening to Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and I’m really really loving it. And okay, maybe it has something to do with Kristen Bell narrating it. But the story’s pretty good, too.

Writing: I’m still plugging away at the revisions for Waverley. I’m gong to be working on the first twenty-five chapters today. I have two different chapter ones so it makes things a little tricky.

And that short story and the flash fiction piece are still waiting patiently for their final revisions so I can send them off to submission land.

Working: Still doing a lot of research, but I’m hoping to be ready to start pitching article ideas in a few weeks. One thing fell into place last week – I decided to take that marketing position with the publishing company I was mentioned in last week’s Snapshot. I’m still learning the ropes and will post more about it once I’ve settled into the job.

Photo of the week: I received Jill’s #gangstercats care package today (well, actually yesterday, since it’s now after 1 a.m.!


Looking forward to: Sleep!

Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Photo 2015-03-12, 2 06 58 PMThe AGO’s Basquiat ad at Dundas Subway Station

Today I went with my friend Linda to see the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Linda and I each bought memberships to the AGO back in November so we could expose ourselves to a bit of culture every now and then. Plus it makes for a fun girls’ night (in this case, day) out.

According to the AGO’s promotional materials,

Jean-Michel Basquiat took the New York City art world by storm in the early 1980s and gained international recognition by creating powerful and expressive works that confronted issues of racism, identity and social tension. Although his career was cut short by his untimely death at age 27, his groundbreaking drawings and paintings continue to challenge perceptions, provoke vital dialogues and empower us to think critically about the world around us.

Photo 2015-03-13, 9 08 06 PM

Before I attended the exhibit, I didn’t know much about Basquiat, other than what I’d read in this article I recently read in the NYT Blogs about an upcoming exhibit of his notebooks at the Brooklyn Museum.

So, did his drawings challenge my perceptions and empower me to think critically about the world around us?

The first wall of the exhibit showcased a number of drawings on paper. To my uneducated-about-art eye, these drawings looked a lot like children’s drawings. There was a certain charm to them, but then again there’s a certain charm to most drawings done in that style.

But then I moved on to the next pieces, and slowly I began to understand what the promotional materials were talking about. His larger pieces are bold and beautifully vibrant with colour and emotion, and many of them incorporate symbols which are reflected in other pieces. Overall, I enjoyed his skull/head pieces the most. My friend Linda was awed by the emotion Basquiat was able to give to the eyes in several of his pieces.

One piece, Defacement – The Death of Michael Stewart, is particularly intense and moving. Basquiat created the piece after the brutal beating death of black graffiti artist Michael Stewart at the hands of the New York City transit police in 1983.

With some of the pieces, though, the accompanying commentary just confused me – I’d look from the painting to the words and I simply didn’t get from the painting what the commentary said I should be getting. But there were several very powerful pieces that definitely speak to the issues of race and social tension. His portrayal of young black men in his artwork is particularly powerful.

Would I go again? Yes. And actually, I am going again! Next week, I’m going to take Dylan there. I have a feeling he’ll really enjoy the exhibit.

To see some of the pictures from the exhibit, click here.

On set today, what I’m reading, and some random stuff

I was in stage mom mode again today. It’s been a while since the last time I had stage mom duties, when Dylan was a child extra in a number of operas during the CoC’s 2013-2014 season. Last year when he was in the National Ballet’s Nutcracker (he played a guard and a chef), there was no need to be a stage mom, as parents were not allowed backstage at all (and they were very strict about this rule), so there was no waiting around, which was nice. We just dropped him off and picked him up (although what the book-reading demon and I actually did for each performance was buy the cheap standing room tickets, and came back to watch Act II, which was the Act Dylan was in).

Today, Dylan was an extra in a film my daughter Hayley is working on. It’s a thesis film for her final year in filmmaking school, and for this one she’s the cinematographer, or director of photography. They were to be on set the entire afternoon, and I had this vague idea that I’d be able to drop Dylan off and pick him up again later in the afternoon. Ha!

They weren’t too sure exactly when they’d be done (although they knew the time when they had to be finished by), so I ended up hanging around, just in case. (And can you believe it, I forgot to take pictures  of the set- I really need to make picture-taking a habit.)

At first I was on my phone – I mean, I can spend hours on my phone, right? Only I’d already spent time on my phone in the morning, and after a while, I realized I should have brought a book to read. Luckily we live close to where they were shooting, so I ended up coming back home and getting my Kobo (for Pet Sematary) and Dead Scared, the second in S.J. Bolton’s Lacey Flint series.

It was a good thing, too – I read a few more chapters of Pet Sematary for the #gangstercats readalong, and a huge chunk of Dead Scared. It was quite nice to get some unexpected reading time into the day. Dylan had a great time (there were seven other kids there) and we got home in time for a bit of a rest before having to trek back out for his dance class.

Dead Scared

While waiting for him during dance class, I managed to finish Dead Scared, so that’s another one for the done pile! (Now that I’m tracking my reading, I find myself geeking out every time I get to add another entry to my spreadsheets.)

Now the random stuff:

  • our dishwasher started leaking yesterday, so we’re handwashing until the plumber comes tomorrow morning to fix things. My hands are not particularly pleased – this weather’s already been pretty rough on them, and the soapy dishwasher isn’t helping!
  • yesterday on their way home from dance class Dylan and the book-reading demon decided to expand the taxi counting game. We’d been counting only the taxis coming and going on the street we were on, but now it’s been extended to any taxi we see while we’re waiting for the bus or riding the bus back home. They came home with a whopping 267, so tonight on our way home, Dylan and I were determined to beat yesterday’s total. And I believe we would have, too, only the bus we got on had extremely dirty windows, and we had a tough time seeing out them. We only counted 231 taxis but I believe in my heart we would have bested 267 if we’d only been able to actually see out the window.
  • I bought a new laptop today. It should arrive in a few days. The current laptop has been acting rather temperamentally for about a year now. Little things like a black screen even though the rest of the laptop is running fine (when that happens, I have to hook it up to a TV or monitor so I can power it down properly, remove the battery, remove the AC/DC power cord, hold down the start button to discharge whatever energy it is that’s jiggling things up, replace the battery and power cord and restart. Really. I found these instructions online last year and was so amazed they actually work). Oh, and documents not saving when I use “save as”, for a variety of programs. Chrome being laggy, oh, so so laggy. Many more grievances I won’t air here. I’m happy about getting a new laptop, BUT I’m not looking forward to that “transition from old laptop to new laptop” thing we all must do. Mainly because there are a number of programs I think I might have forgotten to save the serial codes for on Evernote (hello, Word? And Roboform?).

Snapshot: March 10, 2015

Time: 4:29 pm

Feeling:  A lot more energized than yesterday! And it’s making me really appreciate how important feeling energized is. Yesterday was so bleh, but today I feel like I can (maybe) juggle everything I’ve been loading on my plate.

Reading: I just finished S.J. Bolton’s Now You See Me last night, so I’ll probably start on book 2 of the Lacey Flint series, Dead Scared. And I’m still working on Pet Sematary for the #gangstercats readalong.

The Shadow Cabinet

I also picked up Maureen Johnson’s The Shadow Cabinet from the library, and since it’s a relatively new release, I should get to it sooner rather than later because I’m probably not going to be able to renew it. I loved the first book in The Shades of London series, The Name of the Star but the second book (The Madness Underneath)? Not so much.

Still Writing

And in non-fiction, I’d like to start The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Daniel J. Levitin. Still Writing: The Pleasures and Perils of a Creative Life, by Dani Shapiro, also came in from the library. This is the second time I’ve borrowed it – the last time I didn’t get to it fast enough and there were holds on it so I couldn’t renew it. It’s a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to make the time for it.

Listening: I’m still listening to In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Leslie Klinger and Laurie R. King. It’s not quite as enjoyable as Klinger and King’s first collection of Holmes stories, A Study in Sherlock, but I’m enjoying it.

Writing: I haven’t done much writing this past week, but I have a lot of revisions and editing in the works. I’m still in the process of revising Waverley, my middle grade children’s fantasy, and I need to edit a short story and a flash story this week so I can submit them.

Working: No indexes this week! I do have ten blog posts to write for a business client. The rest of my time has been spent on preparing to take the plunge into freelance writing – not writing for corporate/business clients, which is what most of my writing work has been (except for one client, where I write articles under my own byline) – but bylined writing for websites and print publications. I’ve been compiling a collection of places and editors to pitch my pieces, but I need to work out a better system. I also need to make time each day to brainstorm ideas for different pieces.

It’s very different from anything I’ve done before. I have a tendency to go into heavy-duty research and learning mode whenever I start doing something different, so the key is to know when I’ve got enough facts under my belt, and start the doing steps. Which means sending out those article pitches and writing those personal essays!

I also have an interview tomorrow with a publisher, again in a field of work that’s new to me. So these are very exciting times indeed!

Blogging: This year I’ve been getting more involved in blogging events, and it’s been fun so far. I haven’t skipped a day yet (except for Christmas day, which was planned), so I’ve managed to stay on course in terms of my 365 days of blogging self-challenge.

Later this month I’ll be hosting a mini-challenge for Bloggiesta – they’re still looking for more mini-challenge hosts, if you’re interested. I’m also working on a post for next month’s theme at  Book Bloggers International.

And next month is Dewey’s Read-a-Thon! I’ve only ever participated as a cheerleader, because in the past my Saturdays were booked with getting Dylan to a variety of different classes. This year, though, he’s in one building in the afternoons, and my wait time on Saturday afternoons has become my reading time. So I’m hopeful I’ll be able to participate both as a cheerleader and as a readathon participant.

Creating: A couple of weeks ago, Joy Weese Moll and I talked each other into taking the Verbal to Visual Classroom course, which started yesterday. It’s basically a sketchnoting course, offered by Doug Neill of the Verbal to Visual site, and I’m hoping it will get me taking more visual notes as I read.

Looking forward to: Getting back to Pet Sematary tonight. I know I said I wouldn’t read it at night, but I intend to go to bed early so everyone should still be up while I’m reading. Hopefully!

The rest of today: I’m heading out with Dylan for a dance class. And then I have the evening for reading!

Exhausted (yes, I’m looking at you, Daylight Savings Time)

Anyone else have a rough day of it today?

I swear, I woke up this morning and immediately felt like I could use a nap. Not that I’m normally a bounce-out-of-bed greet-the-morning-sunshine kind of person, but I’m usually a lot more lucid than I was this morning. That first Monday after “spring forward” is a killer, isn’t it?

Photo 2015-03-09, 9 37 32 PM

I had a number of biggish things on my to-do list, but only had the energy and concentration to complete the small things. I left the big things alone, like the WordPress upgrade on my kids-and-learning blog – it’s something I have to do manually and there was no way I was going to roll up my sleeves and touch that particular task today!

The book-reading demon had to go to some meditation thing tonight, so I ended up taking Dylan to dance classes. It’s an hour and a half long class, and I normally look forward to the wait time because it’s my reading time, but tonight, I didn’t even bother pulling out my Kobo. I sat there and browsed through Facebook and Flipboard and my head kept drooping. I nodded off a few times.

And I forgot when the class ended. So an hour into the wait, I got up and put my coat on, sure that Dylan was going be coming downstairs any minute. After about five minutes of standing aimlessly by the elevator doors, I realized the class wasn’t an hour long.  It’s an hour and fifteen minutes long, I thought to myself, feeling a little bit sheepish.

So then ten minutes later I got up again, put on my coat and wandered over to the elevators. It took another ten minutes for me to realize the class wasn’t an hour and fifteen minutes long, it was an hour and a half long.

I’m rather grateful I got us back home all right. The cold air did help me wake up a bit.

On the way home, we played our favourite game – counting taxis. We were quite pleased to reach 101 by the time we got to the door. And that was basically my biggest accomplishment for the day.

Did you have to go through Daylight Savings Time? Did you handle the day after better than I did?

This Week in Pictures #1

I like the idea of taking pictures every day. On a practical writerly level, I think it  will hone my observation skills. And on an intentional level, I can’t help but feel it will help me to be in the moment, because as I’m looking around, observing, my mind’s got to stop its usual chitter chatter so I can focus on where I am and what’s around me.

So one of my intentions this year was to take more pictures. But I haven’t had much success. I tried a couple of different things. Like Shuttercal, where you’re supposed to upload one picture a day. Total failure, that. Now I just get emails from Shuttercal gently reminding me I haven’t been uploading anything.

Then I tried the Collect app, reasoning that maybe an app would be the ideal solution for me, since I’m on my phone so much every day anyway.

That didn’t work either.

So this is my last-ditch resort. I’m going to experiment with a weekly feature called This Week in Pictures (so original, I know) where I inflict my bad iPhone photography on you post pictures here once a week to keep me accountable to my intention to take more pictures (and be more present and all that).

And rather than being all Project Life and stuff, I’d like to take pictures of the world around me -unusual things that catch my eye. I don’t know how well that will work out, though.

Since I just came up with this idea today, I actually only have one picture for this first post (I told you I wasn’t doing well with my picture-taking intentions!).

So to make up for the lack of photos, I wrote a lot of words instead. Everyone is probably used to such behaviour from me by now.

Here’s this week in (one) picture:

Creeper with book

I took this last night. Creeper just looked so adorable lying there next to The Gift of Rain, which the book-reading demon is currently reading.

Snapshot: March 3, 2015

Photo of the week: It was tough getting out of bed this morning, as I had this little guy snuggled up under my arm. He’s such a naughty cat when he’s awake, but when he’s sleeping, he’s an angel.

Hobbes snuggling

Time: 4:57

Feeling: Motivated! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. It’s a nice feeling!

Reading:  I’m about a quarter of the way through Pet Sematary for the readalong, but I’m trying not to read it at night, so I’ve also been dipping into some lighter fare as well. Last night I made myself put Pet Sematary down, and read An Age of License by Lucy Knisley.

an age of license

I enjoyed it – it was as good a read as Relish, and better than French Milk, which I’ve liked the least out of her books so far.

I’m also back into Norwegian by Night, by Derek Miller, which I’d put down last month after three chapters and never got around to picking up again until now. This was through no fault of the book itself, which has been very good so far – and in fact, it’s been in the back of my mind all this time. But I’m reading it in ebook format, and I find I tend to do this with ebooks (and audiobooks, too) – put them down and take a while to get back to them. Often it’s because a number of print books have come into my life via the library, and print books are just so, well, physical, you know? And easier to pick up because they’re lying on your sofa or your table, with their bright enticing covers.

Listening: I’m listening to In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, the sequel to A Study in Sherlock, which I’d enjoyed very much. (For those of you reading Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning, “The Case of Death and Honey” previously appeared in A Study in Sherlock.)

in the company of sherlock holmes

So far I’ve listened to “The Crooked Man”, by Michael Connelly (this one is a Harry Bosch story), “The Curious Affair of the Italian Art Dealer” by Sara Paretsky and “The Memoirs of Silver Blaze” by Michael Sims (in which the narrator is a horse).

Writing: I printed out the first draft of my children’s novel, Waverley and will be sitting down to work on revisions tonight. I’ve also started getting feedback and comments from my writing pals who’ve agreed to be alpha readers of the short story I wrote last week, so with any luck, I’ll have the final draft ready next week.

The writing is why I’ve been feeling so motivated. I promised myself I’d start submitting my work this year, but of course, you can’t submit when you don’t have anything written to submit, right? Going into this year I had a flash story that I think is very good and a couple of short stories I don’t think are very good, so really nothing much to submit. I was very happy I managed to write another short story last week which might actually be good enough to send out.

Working: I have a couple of client blog post deadlines at the end of this week, but nothing else so far. And wouldn’t you know it – after complaining for all of January and most of February about how I was too busy and how I hated having all those deadlines, now I’m doing the “freelance reversal” and getting a little worried because I don’t have more deadlines! (I simply can’t win … )

Looking forward to: Finally buckling down and starting on the revisions to Waverley. I’ve never gotten to this stage before (because prior to now I’ve finished so few things), and I find I’m both looking forward to the revisions and feeling kind of nervous about doing them, too.

The rest of today: I’ve got to run and take Dylan to dance. When I get back I’ve got some chapters I want to finish critiquing for my writing buddy and the revisions to get to. But I’m hoping to slip in a few chapters of Norwegian by Night before I go to bed, too!

Snapshot: February 24, 2015


Feeling: A little on the bleh side. Had a bit of family drama erupt last night. Took me by surprise and today I’m feeling kind of drained. I much prefer reading about family drama than being involved in it!

Reading: I finished 84 Charing Cross Road and all I can say is, it is such a lovely, lovely read. I’d had it in my to-read list for so long, and it’s definitely one of those books about which one says, “what took me so long to get to it?”

And as for what I’ll be reading next … Well, I still have the second half of 84 Charing Cross Road to read: The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. And I really want to get back to Norwegian by Night – I’ve read the first three chapters and left off on an interesting part, but it’s on my ereader and I seem to be giving all my attention to print books lately.

spring tide

I’m also eyeing Spring Tide by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind, which arrived from the library yesterday. It looks like it will be an interesting mystery/thriller, and I’m rather in the mood for something like that. And this came in from the library yesterday as well:


I’ve heard such a lot of good things about Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds and am really looking forward to it.

pet sematary

And of course, there’s the Pet Sematary readalong! It starts March 1st, and the hashtag for this one is #gangstercats (read Jill’s post to find out why).

Listening: I’m listening to Patricia Cornwell’s Flesh and Blood. It’s my first Kay Scarpetta book in eons. I got really tired of how gory they were, way back when. I kind of have the impression she’s toned it down a bit these days. Hopefully this is true, or I won’t be able to listen to this in audio for very long.

Writing: I just finished a short story. It’s about a haunting but it’s not scary. I’m going to leave it for a few days, do another read and some revisions, and then send it off to beta readers. This year I plan on submitting more of my work, so this could be one of the first to get sent out.

I also received Memory’s feedback on my children’s fantasy, Waverley. I’m all pumped up about getting this one out of first draft status now! I sent Memory a very messy first draft – I try not to reread what I’ve written, so I’ll often write two or three versions of a scene, and sometimes add a character or plotline as if I’d already written about that character or plotline. Very confusing, but luckily Memory braved through it all and gave me back such great comments.

Working: I’m working on a couple of articles on student loan forgiveness (I know, not the most enticing subject in the world – well, unless you’re a student mired in student loans). And there’s an index on immigration due later this week too.

Creating: *sad face* Nope. But soon, I hope! I’ve just been so excited with the writing, it’s been hard to remember to do something artsy too.

Photo of the week:  Creeper and Hobbes are a riot sometimes. Hobbes has decided he wants to share Creeper’s box too. So here the two of them are:

Creeper and Hobbes in box

Looking forward to: Starting work on the revisions for Waverley. I’ve promised myself once I get started with the second draft, I’ll treat myself to a membership to SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)!

The rest of today: Taking Dylan to dance class, and finishing up those two articles. Nothing glamorous, I’m afraid!