Catching up on The Unwritten

The unwritten volume 3

Long day today, late post tonight. But some good reading news! When I took a break from reading Days of Blood and Starlight yesterday, I found myself picking up The Unwritten: Dead Man’s Knock, Volume 3 of The Unwritten series. It’s been a while since I read volumes 1 and 2, and I’ve been meaning to play catch-up on the series ever since.

I remembered again why I enjoyed this series so much. All those literary references! Reading Dead Man’s Knock, I particularly enjoyed the story “The Many Lives of Lizzie Hexam”, which is presented in Pick-a-Story format.

And the really great thing about graphic novels? They’re such quick reads! It was nice adding another book to my “books read” spreadsheet.


I started volume 4 of the series, Leviathan, today – in between coming back from Dylan’s dance classes and heading out again for a Chinese classical dance and music performance. So I didn’t have that much time. But I’m hoping I’ll be able to plunge back into it tonight and finish it before I go to bed.

So much for going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier. The allure of books – it’s just too much. Especially on a weekend!

3 thoughts on “Catching up on The Unwritten

  1. Athira

    My brother loves the Unwritten series and has been getting me to read the books. I do want to read them, but I guess I am a little hesitant to get started on another series.


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