Book Cravings: Salem’s Lot

Have you ever had a book craving? Where you find yourself really wanting to reread a book, usually one you haven’t read for quite a while?

I have book cravings occasionally, and the past couple of weeks, another one crept up on me.

salems lot

It’s been quite a while since I read Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. I’m pretty sure I was still in my teens, during a period when I was reading a lot of horror novels. I’d been reading King’s Danse Macabre recently, and that might explain the craving.

So it’s loaded up on my iPod now. I’m on Chapter 5, and yes, it’s really as creepy as I remember it to be.

“…old horrors colliding with modern technology and investigative techniques.”

Stephen King on Dracula in the Introduction to Salem’s Lot

Do you ever have book cravings? What was the latest reread you absolutely craved?

4 thoughts on “Book Cravings: Salem’s Lot

  1. Suey

    I crave re-reading things all the time! I have to suppress the cravings a lot in favor of reading the new stuff. But sometimes I’ll give in, which is awesome too.

  2. Charlie

    So you’re reading it via audio this time and I’m guessing it was paperback the first time? If so that sounds like an interesting experience to have. Glad you’re liking it just as much. And yep, I’ve had those cravings. I’m not good at giving in to them, though, which I think with re-reading is pretty bad!


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