Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Voting Begins!

The BBAW shortlists are now up, so it’s time to get voting!

Congratulations to all those who have been short listed for their various categories. I’m going to have fun going through the lists, as I took a quick peek earlier today and saw several that are new-to-me. My feedreader is eager for all those lovely new feeds!

bbaw-eclecticI’m thrilled that MsBookish has been shortlisted in the category of Most Eclectic Taste.

I suspect most of you will be doing what I plan on doing: visiting blogs and checking them out before having some voting fun.

So, for those of you not familiar with MsBookish, I thought it might be helpful to include the links to the five posts that I submitted to the BBAW panel in this category:

Learning to Read

On the Write Track: Some Accountability Please

Review: L.A. Candy, by Lauren Conrad

Audiobook Magic: 7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Next Read

My Daughter Directs: A Short Film Inspired by Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

Finding eclectic posts of mine wasn’t actually that difficult – narrowing them down to five was! So here were the ones I considered including, but couldn’t.

So Where Did I Get the Last 20 Books I Reviewed?

On Writing: Do You Keep a Journal?

The Art of the Insult

Happy voting, everyone! I’m very glad I finished up my Project From Hell last week, so I can have the fun of getting to know some great new-to-me blogs via BBAW this week …

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