Blogging To-Do List

imageWeek 1’s assignment for the 2010 Blog Improvement Project is to create a blogging to-do list.

While I’m not a big fan of to-do lists, I like the idea of this one because there’s no time element attached to it. I think what I’m most resistant to, when it comes to to-do lists, is the whole daily/weekly/monthly/yearly aspect of them.

But if I think of the to-do list as a goals list instead, it’s a much smoother, easier thing for me.

I also like that the point of this to-do list is to be specific, rather than vague. And I’m going to keep this list flexible, coming back to it to add things (and delete things) if necessary.

Blogging To-Do List

  1. Implement new theme. I have my eye on a new theme, which I hope to purchase soon.
  2. New header design. I’ll need a new header to go along with my new theme.
  3. Brainstorm new tag line. I’d like to have a tag line about MsBookish that says it all; I’ve been playing around with a few phrases but nothing seems to catch what I’m wanting to do with this blog so far.
  4. Deciding what I really want to do here. Having said that bit above about the tag line, I also need to decide what it is that I really want to do here. I still want to talk about books and writing, but most of all, I find I enjoy being able to write about whatever topic catches my interest.
  5. Prune my categories. I’d like to have a lot fewer, much broader categories, and rely on my tags for more detailed categorization of posts.
  6. Add new tags. Since some of my existing categories are more appropriate as tags, I’ll be going through each of my posts and adding in new tags.
  7. Update my blogroll pages. My blogroll pages are sadly out of date, plus I need to add a new blogroll page for blogs I follow that aren’t writing or book blogs.
  8. Revise my review policy. I’m not really doing reviews anymore; instead, I prefer to talk about different books I’m reading in general blog posts that aren’t labeled “Review”. I find I’m much happier chatting about books I’m reading, have read or want to read; it also means I don’t procrastinate about writing up posts, which is a bonus. I’ve been letting publicists and authors know this when they email me, but it’s probably time to revise my review policy, too.
  9. (Possibly) add new features. I’m always tempted by the idea of new features, but sticking to a schedule has never been my strong point.
  10. Update my sidebar items. Lots of clutter up there right now. With the implementation of the new look, I’ll have to do something about that. I also have a hard time keeping my “Currently Reading” titles in the sidebar up-to-date, mainly because I tend to have five or six books on the go any given day, and on any given day, those books change regularly.

That’s it so far! Whether or not you’re participating in BIP, do you have some sort of blogging goals list? I’d be interested to know what things are on your blogging to-do list!

15 thoughts on “Blogging To-Do List

  1. Belle

    Since you’re not allowed to quit blogging (I’m sure I can round up quite a lot of people to stand behind me on this), self-hosting seems to be the option :)

  2. Rich Griese

    Ah! i hate when you mishit, and have to retype a comment!

    What! not a fan of lists! are you a communist?

    I will not live in a world without lists!

    In fact, if you are looking to improve your efficiency, go here;

    And install that “usemodwiki” in your local machine. It’s something like wikipedia, but it’s lighter and faster, and it’s all yours. Then use it for your notes. you can use it in a variety of ways. I for example, use the front page as a day log, and i slam every text blog I deal with during the day into at the bottom, and then every week I copy all that into X2010-10-15, so that the history files all sort nicely… X puts them at the end of the page lists. But seriously, if you are looking to get organized, I can make no better recomendationm, then installing a local wiki to keep and organize all your stuff.

    Feel free to pop me, if the idea appeals to you, but you need technical help getting started. BTW… I have nothing to do with that product, I just happen to be happy to help people get organized.

    .-= Rich Griese´s last blog; Mythicist Misunderstanding =-.

  3. Barbara

    Rhapsody, please don’t stop blogging. I look forward to your blog every day. And Belle, please don’t stop writing about your life and things that interest you. As you know, my blog isn’t really a book blog although I do review books sometimes, but I like the freedom to write what I want – even if it’s just to rant and rave about a politician I don’t like or the price of prescription drugs. I love hearing about your house, your husband, your sister, what you’re doing, etc.

  4. BananaViews

    Okay, so I will just copy your to do list and paste in mine. I guess what I’m hearing is that blogging is a never-ending work in progress. News to me as I’m on post #21. What have I gotten myself into? If this turns into another addiction I have you to blame. I’m telling Mom!!
    .-= BananaViews´s last blog ..Hot For Pho House =-.

  5. Margot

    For a person who doesn’t like to do to-do lists, you did very well. It will be fun to follow your changes and improvements. Changing your theme will be a huge job but I know I felt so much better after I did mine. I love your blog and I especially like when you share different things about yourself and your life. Please, keep on chatting.
    .-= Margot´s last blog ..Wondrous Words #53 =-.

  6. Dorte H

    What an ambitious list!

    My plans: doing nothing whatsoever. Or what I really should do: spend less time blogging, more time writing fiction. But I just love blogging and visiting all of you – after work it is like getting a fix 😉
    .-= Dorte H´s last blog ..DJ´s Bait in the Box # =-.


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