Blogging Rhythm

I seem to have stumbled into a blogging rhythm this past week, and it definitely feels very good.

Over the past two months, I was so overloaded with work I had hardly any time at all to either blog, or go blog reading. I hadn’t realized how much I missed both aspects of blogging until now.

It feels really good to be back, fully participating in the blogging community. I’ve been especially enjoying reading and commenting at other blogs.

I’ve also found a whole lot of clarity the past few days about what I want to do here. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I struggle every now and then with how eclectic I am sometimes with my posts. I know one of the “rules” of a serious blog is to have a specialized focus, but that just doesn’t work well for me.

So my clarity has given me ideas as to how I can still write posts about the things I want to write about, and at the same time, not be too much “all over the place”.

I’ve even got some ideas for weekly features – something I’ve avoided ever since I gave up doing my Sunday giveaway links posts (those grew to be just SO long and time-consuming).

Maybe it’s because I didn’t have much time to write up posts last month, but I’ve also been coming up with ideas for blog posts. I’ve decided to take advantage of this, and have been writing them down as they come to me. Hopefully, armed with a batch of ideas, I’ll be able to stick with this new, prolific blogging rhythm.

So here are some questions for those of you who blog: how do you come up with ideas for posts? Do you wait for inspiration to strike? Or do you do brainstorming sessions where you come up with ideas all at one time? For those of you who blog mainly book reviews, do you have a line-up of posts in mind at all times? What works for you? I’d love to hear all about it, and perhaps refine and improve my brand new blogging routine!

20 thoughts on “Blogging Rhythm

  1. Vasilly

    I love it when a blog is eclectic. I’m finding a blogging rhythm now that I haven’t had for a while. I usually wait until inspiration hits me but for me that just mean being open to the conversations I hear around the blogisphere or questions I want to ask. I get inspired by newspaper articles, publishing websites, blog posts, and more. I try to pay attention. I don’t have a line-up of posts though I do have a blogging calendar so I can keep up with review deadlines. Happy New Year!
    .-= Vasilly´s last blog ..Review- The Night Bookmobile by Audrey Niffenegger =-.

  2. rhapsodyinbooks

    When I finish a book I go IMMEDIATELY to word processing and start a review. It may not get published right away, but otherwise I totally forget everything! I used to keep a notebook of historical dates and write about the ones in which I was interested, but that particular mojo went away! :–)

  3. Janel

    I’ve decided to just aim for 2 or 3 blog posts a week, not on any specific days. I’ve done the weekly post thing too and ended up not liking it. Sometimes I would have plans for the day and not be able to moderate and answer comments, but I felt guilty if I didn’t put it up even though I was busy. Just my two cents. :)
    .-= Janel´s last blog ..Writing Improvement Tools 2011 =-.

    1. Belle

      This is exactly how I felt when I did a weekly post thing (actually, I’ve tried it several times!). So I’m not sure this new idea will “stick” either, but it will be fun to begin with!

  4. Molly

    I have been struggling with this a lot lately. I was so busy during the months of November and December that I just posted a Sunday Salon. I am afraid that I included too much information in that one post – and I think multiple posts in one week is better. I am now contemplating making each day a focused post: perhaps mondays are focused on personal issues; Tuesdays are book reviews; Wednesday are photography (wordless wednesdays); Thursdays are teacher- related posts; Saturdays are food related (weekend cooking); and sundays are the salon.

    Obviously I have not yet formalized anything on my own blog — but I am constantly thinking about it :)
    .-= Molly´s last blog ..The Progress of Resolutions =-.

    1. Belle

      I loved your long TSS posts last year, Molly. But if you decide to do regular focused posts, I know I’ll like them, too!

  5. Gina

    First off, I totally hear you on the eclectic part….as
    for me it’s more in the genre of books I read and review than
    overall topic, but still it can get crazy at times. Thing is, it’s
    what makes me happy so rules scmules…it has to be part of you or
    it gets old REALLY fast. Ideas for posts…come and go so I try to
    write them down or text them to myself…something to give them a
    solid presence to work on later. As for the line-up of posts
    question….I usually stick to a few meme’s or features on
    particular days. They are fun, light, and a break for the blogger
    (aka moi) without letting things get stale. I try to blog book
    reviews at least 2-3 days a week and the line up of what’s read is
    determined first by what titles are coming out that month (to cover
    the ARCs), next by what else I agreed to review, and then by what
    other books I wish to include. Since I get to choose whether or not
    I accept a book to review, there’s never a doubt of if I thought I
    might like it….in the end I may not, but at least I know it
    captured my attention first. Okay, I’ve rambled long enough. Best
    of luck on the new blogging endeavor and thanks for stopping by my
    site! Happy reading… .-= Gina´s last blog ..Roll out the red carpet =-.

  6. Memory

    I like eclectic blogs. :)

    I try to write opinion posts and the like ahead of time. When I get an idea for a new one, I note down a descriptive title I can build off of. I usually draft a few posts at once, then edit them at my leisure and post them when the moment is right (ie, when I can spare the time away from reviews).

    All last year, I had a huge review backlog. I’d generally try to write my reviews right after I’d finished the book, then edit them in the weeks before they went live. Now that I’m all caught up, I hope I can strike a good balance between reviews and other content.

  7. The Cath in the Hat

    For me, coming up with ideas for blog posts or books to
    review is not a problem. If I am stuck (which I am occasionally), I
    surf the net (and other blogs) for ideas. I also try to remember
    that there are many kinds of posts. Sometimes all you need is a
    link to a great site or a list of recommended books on a subject. I
    also like to blog at a certain time. For me, first thing in the
    morning works best. Whatever works!

  8. Rural View

    I like your eclectic posts, perhaps because I do the same thing. I write about the book I’ve just finished, or something in the news that has me all in a lather, or what’s going on in my life – whatever happens to be topmost in my mind at the moment. I don’t want a set schedule because I don’t want this to be a “job.” I do this for fun.
    .-= Rural View´s last blog ..1893 Worlds Fair- Chicago =-.

  9. Lynda Young

    Each weekend I try to brainstorm ideas for posts for the following week. Sometimes I get great ideas during the week and I make notes of them but I can’t rely on those sparks of inspiration because they don’t come frequently enough.
    .-= Lynda Young´s last blog ..Honesty in Writing =-.

  10. Alex Baugh

    Personall, I like to read eclectic posts by bloggers. Once
    in a while I digress from my blog topic and have often thought of
    creating another blog where I could write whatever I wanted about
    anything . I think you do a great job. As for how I get my posts
    together – most of the time it is based on what I find available in
    the library. I like to use library books as much as possible. And I
    do try to vary the book themes. This year I am going to try a few
    different things for more variation and interest, I hope. .-= Alex
    Baugh´s last blog ..Thats The Way It Was Wednesday – Mystery at
    Witchend by Malcolm Saville

  11. Meghan

    I think eclectic is great! I often wish I was more varied on my own blog. I normally just review books, in the order that I’ve read them, with a Sunday salon and a few other posts thrown in there depending on how it goes. I read enough that I usually have a review to be writing and posting at any given time, so I never have to think too much about the structure of the blog.

  12. Diana Paz

    *sighs* I’m the worst blogger ever. My blog is completely
    random, and I pretty much blog on whatever I feel like, whenever I
    feel like. Sometimes I do a few lines on what I’ve been up to,
    other times I rant about something, or gush over a book I loved, or
    post some short story that popped into my head. And when life
    becomes overwhelming, the first thing I ignore is my blog :/ LOL
    okay I don’t think my comment is very helpful, oops! Keep up the
    rhythm and it looks like you’re doing great! .-= Diana
    Paz´s last blog ..I Have a Nook! An Analysis =-.

  13. Li

    I’m with all the rest who vote for eclectic posts! I’ve
    been having similar thoughts to yours (in fact, just posted about
    my resolution to blog more frequently in 2011) – so reading all the
    replies here with interest… .-= Li´s last blog ..2011- What Next =-.

  14. Madigan

    I know exactly what you mean about eclectic blogging…
    Sometimes I feel like I’m all over the map. I review books for ages
    birth through teen plus any ideas about libraries that strikes my
    fancy. It helps to remember that I don’t blog Everything. When I
    started blogging. I did entries on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    I felt it was really important to stay consistent in order to build
    up a following. I’m going to try to blog everyday for 2011. Thank
    goodness for being able to schedule posts in advance, I wouldn’t be
    able to do it otherwise. I used to worry that I’d run out of ideas,
    but I’ve found that isn’t really possible. As soon as I’ve finished
    working on one post, another idea springs up to take it’s

  15. Steve Kubien

    Serious blogging? This is a concept I am not familiar with. While my focus is certainly on wood and the art of making it rounder than Mother Nature managed, I do tend to wander in my writing. I try to post a couple of times per week but that doesn’t always happen. I tell myself my readers like the randomness of it all.


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