Big List of Book Giveaways, Non-Fiction Edition – June 7

Welcome to the June 7 issue of the Big List of Book Giveaways, Non-Fiction Edition. As always, the giveaways are sorted into categories so that you can see what giveaways correspond to your reading interests. I have included eligibility restrictions, if I see any – sometimes I miss them though, so make sure when entering a giveaway that any restrictions stated won’t rule out your entry.

This giveaways round-up post is a regular feature here at MsBookish so if you’re holding a book giveaway, let me know and I’ll include your giveaway in my next giveaways round-up post. Thank you to everyone who contacted me about their giveaways; I do get a lot of email daily, so my apologies if you’ve emailed me but your giveaway isn’t listed below – sometimes email does slip by me.

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Note: All links open in a new tab or window, depending on your browser.

Cookbooks and Food-Related Books

The Amateur Gourmet, by Adam D. Roberts, at The Crispy Cook (ends June 30)

Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, by Martha Stewart, at Martha and Me (ends June 9, US only)

Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day: 100 New Recipes Featuring Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Gluten-Free Ingredients, by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François , at Artisan Bread in Five (ends next week sometime)

The Veggie Queen cookbook and DVD, at Big Blend Magazine (ends June 7 – today!)

More-With-Less Cookbook, at Coupon Geek (ends June 8)

Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, by Martha Stewart, at Veronica’s Test Kitchen (ends June 12, worldwide)

Choice of three cookbooks, at Wren and Stitchy (ends June 9, US only)

PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook, by , at Happy Herbivore (ends June 10)

Selection of cookbooks, at The Vintage Homemaker (ends June 10)

Well Preserved: Recipes and Techniques for Putting Up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods, by Eugenia Bone, at Vaboomer (ends June 10)

Parenting and Family

if your kid eats this book, everything will still be okay: How to Know if Your Child’s Injury or Illness is Really an Emergency, by Lara Zibners, at Bookfoolery and Babble (ends June 25, US and Canada)

How to Take Care of My Kids (ebook), at The IE Mommy (ends June 8, US only)

The Mother-in-Law Manual: Proven Strategies for Creating Healthy Relationships With Married Children, by Susan Lieberman, at The IE Mommy (ends June 8, US only)

The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties, by Jenna McCarthy, at Things Moms Like (ends June 15)

Cheers to the New Mom!/Cheers to the New Dad!: Tips and Tricks to Help You Ace the First Months of Parenthood, by Jenna McCarthy, at 1 Happy Corner (ends June 20, US only)

It’s All About Attitude, by Kathy Almeida and Gayle Nobel, at Autism Learning Felt (ends June 13, worldwide)


Real Moms… Real Jesus: Meet the Friend Who Understands, by Jill Savage, at Roads to Learning (ends June 14, US only)


The Link, by Colin Tudge, at Booklorn (ends June 10, June 17 & June 24, US and Canada)

The Link, by Colin Tudge, at Chick With Books (ends June 20, US and Canada)

New Age

Law of Connection (audiobook), by Michael J. Losier, at J. Kaye’s Book Blog (ends June 26, US and Canada)


Travel guide to city of your choice, at 5 Minutes for Books (ends June 10, US and Canada)

The 10 Best of Everything: Families, by National Geographic, at 5 Minutes for Books (ends June 10, US and Canada)

Travel Therapy, by Karen Schaler, at Matador Goods (ends June 11)


Obama’s Blackberry, by Kasper Hauser, at Drey’s Library (ends June 16, US and Canada)

Like I Give a Frock, by Michi Girl, at Design for Mankind (ends June 12)

Children’s and YA Non-Fiction

Sending Love, My “Different-Functional” Family, by Lori Hilliard, at Single Mom Seeking (not sure of end date)

Jonas Brothers: Inside Their World, at Temppatt (ends June 8, US only)

Dr. Hippo Series, at Jamerican Spice (ends June 16)

Arts and Crafts

Woodworker’s Guide to Veneering & Inlay, by Jonathan Benson, at Fine Woodworking (ends June 8)

Cooking Fun and Crafting Fun, by Rae Grant, at Brimful Curiosities (ends June 22, worldwide)

Jelly Yarn, 20 Cool Projects for Girls to Knit and Crochet, by Kathleen Greco and Nick Greco, at DetNews Crafts Blog (not sure of end date)

All Other Non-Fiction

Dads and Grads Giveaway, at Lesa’s Book Critiques (ends June 30, US and Canada) (note: some fiction included in package)

Dads and Grads Giveaway, at Reviews from the Dad Side (ends June 17, US and Canada) (note: some fiction included in package)

Dads and Grads Giveaway, at Book Dads (ends June 30, US and Canada) (Note: some fiction included in package)

Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are, by Stephanie Bennett, at Mom Reviews (ends June 8, US only)

Dads and Grads Giveaway, at Drey’s Library (ends June 30, US and Canada) (Note: some fiction included in package)

The Man’s Book: The Essential Guide for the Modern Man, by Thomas Fink, at Morbid Romantic (ends June 15, US and Canada)

Right on the Money – Financial Advice for Tough Times, by Pat Robertson, at Mom Saves Money (ends June 10, US and Canada)

5 thoughts on “Big List of Book Giveaways, Non-Fiction Edition – June 7

  1. Liz

    What a huge list of books! Some of the titles sound very interesting — I’ve actually read the mother-in-law book and liked it. And I think I’ll take a look at the last one, about financial advice for troubled times. Certainly, we can all save money these days…

    I read lots of fiction, but do look at non-fiction as well. I recently finished a fun business-related book, that had great stories, as well as tips on achieving more in life, “Take the E Out of Ego & GO!” by Donna and Jerry Goven. It was great fun, with points illustrated not by dry and dusty facts, but stories, such as Jerry and the highway patrol, and the “bag lady.” Their point is if you keep the emotions out of the way, everyone tends to win. It was an enjoyable read — and it had good tips, as well.


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