BBAW: Raindrops on Roses … A Few of My Favorite Book Blogs!

It’s Day One of Book Blogger Appreciation Week and today it’s time to shine the spotlight on some of my favorite book blogs! It was extremely difficult culling down my list, although it was helpful that some of my favorites were shortlisted and therefore had to be cut from my list.

Which, by the way, is the downside of being shortlisted: I don’t get to have wonderful book bloggers writing wonderful things about me!  More’s the pity, as I didn’t win. Ah well! A big congratulations to Books on the Nightstand, who received the blue ribbon for Most Eclectic Taste, and deservedly so!

Today, I’d like to shine the Ms. Bookish spotlight on the following blogs.

Dorte, at DJ’s Krimiblog. If you’re interested in mysteries and suspense, DJ’s Krimiblog is definitely a place to visit. What’s even better is that Dorte is in Europe, and it’s because of her that I’ve added quite an international touch to my own mystery reading list – I’ve discovered scores of new European authors through her. Dorte also shares her flash fiction on her blog, and they are such great reads. Want to know something really impressive? English is a second language for Dorte, but she has such an enviable command of English, you wouldn’t guess it’s not her mother tongue.

Memory, at Stella Matutina. Memory writes mostly about speculative fiction, and I have gone away from her blog many, many times with a new title or author scribbled onto my “I want to read that” list. She writes with such passion and style – her reviews are very in-depth and she shares a bit of herself with each one, too. I love reading everything she blogs about. And she doesn’t limit her reviews to new or current books, either; she writes about lots of older books and I really enjoy that. She’s also a fiction writer, and is currently hard at work revising her current WIP.

Carrie, at Books and Movies. Carrie is constantly adding to my list of “I want to read that book”. I especially love her recommended reading lists that she occasionally puts together for various genres. And here’s something that I am totally in awe of: in addition to blogging at Books and Movies, Carrie also writes a popular homeschooling blog, Mommy Brain – she homeschools her four children! Ward and I are just embarking on the homeschool path with our six-year-old, and I can’t tell you how inspired I am by all that Carrie accomplishes.

Nicole, at Linus’s Blanket. Nicole writes simply gorgeous reviews, the kind you can sink right into and emerge feeling like your life has been irrevocably enhanced by her words. I always feel like she’s taken me on her own reading journey whenever I pop over there. And there’s often a bonus at the end of her posts: a thought-provoking question which has me commenting with glee.

Rebecca, at I’m Lost in Books. You wouldn’t know it from her blog, but Rebecca only started blogging this year. She is an extremely prolific blogger, and comes up with the most delightful posts. She has an extremely eclectic taste, and reviews new and old books in all sorts of genres. She also has this knack for coming up with the most creative features. A visit to her blog is always fun because you never know what you’ll find.

Meghan, at Medieval Bookworm. As many of you have probably figured out by now, historical fiction isn’t something I read very often. It just doesn’t appeal to me, not unless it’s got a mystery or fantasy thrown into the mix. Despite this, Meghan’s Medieval Bookworm is a place I enjoy visiting very much. No, she doesn’t always review historical fiction, but she does review quite a lot of it, and does that matter to me? Not at all. I read all of her posts with interest, because she has such a gift of writing great reviews.

Update: Well, I don’t know where my mind was at; I’ve been feeling scattered all day. That’s my only excuse. Margot from Joyfully Retired is on my personal shortlist, too. I love, love, love her blog; you know how you visit a blogger and wish you knew them in real life? Well, that’s Margot. Her Favorite Places posts are fabulous, and it’s always such a treat when she gets her husband or her daughter to do a joint review with her. She is one of the first blogs I visit whenever I go bloghopping.

There are so many more book blogs out there that I enjoy reading – it was very hard narrowing down my list to these specific blogs. While I don’t always have the time to comment much, just having each and every one of you in my Google Reader adds immeasurably to my book reading life.

20 thoughts on “BBAW: Raindrops on Roses … A Few of My Favorite Book Blogs!

  1. Meghan

    Thank you so much, Belle! I’m so glad that you enjoy my reviews! I love yours too! I’m sorry you didn’t win, but you have a spot on my shortlist for sure!

    Great list, by the way – I am subscribed to all but one and I’m about to go fix that.
    .-= Meghan´s last blog ..BBAW: Recognizing Blogs I Love =-.

  2. Literary Feline

    This is a great list, Belle. So many wonderful blogs. It really is hard singling out just a handful with so many that I wouldn’t mind recognizing. It did make things easier not being able to highlight the short listed blogs, but so many of them–including yours–definitely deserves blogger love too. You have a terrific blog.

  3. Memory

    Thank you so much for the mention! It’s such a shame you shortlisters got left out of the blog love today. I kept wanting to add some of my favourite blogs – including yours – to my post, but then I’d remember that they were up for something. Rats. There should be another meme about loving up all our favourite shortlisters!
    .-= Memory´s last blog ..BBAW: A Small Selection of Awesome Bloggers =-.

  4. Dorte H

    What a fine post, and thank you so much for featuring my blog too!

    I am rather tired and have a headache today, but my blogging round has been such a pleasure. First I realized I had won a signed book, and now I have come across two BBAW posts with the most wonderful recommendations of my blog! It has made such a difference, and all your praise encourages me to go on working on my blog and my writing!
    .-= Dorte H´s last blog ..Camilla Läckberg, Stenhuggaren (2005) =-.


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