BBAW: Now, and Next Year

Today’s the final day of BBAW! This has been my first year participating in the fun, and it’s been such a blast. My Google Reader is filled to the brim, bursting with a lot of really wonderful new blogs I’ve discovered this week, too. Here’s the final prompt for the week, and it’s a good one:

Tell us and this is really important, in 50 words or less what you love best about your blog!  And then in 50 words or less where you want your blog to be by the next BBAW!

Most of you know that brevity isn’t my strong point, but I’m up to this particular challenge. No tricks this time!

What I Love Best About MsBookish:

All the people who visit here, read what I have to say, make comments, email me, encourage me and give me support in various ways. (Word count: 25 words)

Where MsBookish Will Be By The Next BBAW:

Nominated for Best Author’s Blog. (Yes, I do realize I will need to be a published author first, but my motto is Dream Big.) (Word count: 25 words)

See that? Not only did I meet the 50 words or less goal in my answer to EACH question, I’ve come in at 50 words TOTAL. I knew I could do it!

What about you? What do you love about your blog right now, and where do you see your blog in a year?

22 thoughts on “BBAW: Now, and Next Year

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  2. Belle

    Thank you for all your encouragement! Now I’m feeling a kind of “gulp-y” feeling – it’s like, I’ve put it out there, I’d better get cracking. :) It’s the best kind of feeling in a way.

  3. Lynn

    I know what you mean about Google reader. I actually cleared a bunch out before BBAW began because I knew I’d be adding a bunch. Love your goal! Have you heard of Nanowrimo? (National Novel Writing month). I think I might do it this November, just to get me going.

    1. Belle

      Lynn, I hope you’ll be signing up for Nanowrimo! I’m definitely doing it this year, and I know a few other book bloggers who will be participating as well. I think we will all have a very good time!

  4. Margot

    I am totally behind your goal of becoming a published author. I want to be able to say, “I knew her when . . . ” Seriously, it’s a wonderful goal and I know you can do it.
    .-= Margot´s last blog ..Something New =-.


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