Battling Writer’s Procrastination

It’s 12:48 am right now; I seem to have developed a habit this week of opening up Scrivener (my writing program) at the stroke of 1, so that I can get my daily bit of writing down.

Then, you see, I can go to bed, feeling, for today, I’ve done what I’m meant to be doing: being a writer. Because a writer writes, you see. I’ve been really holding onto that bit of truth for the past little while.

Tonight, though, it’s been a bit of a struggle as 1 am approaches. (First of all, I’m thinking, I’m really getting too old for these late nights …)

I knew I was on the verge of dipping my toes in some major procrastinating waters.

So I went online, and got motivated again.

And now, I’m going to write.

8 thoughts on “Battling Writer’s Procrastination

  1. Rural View

    As a champion procrastinator, or as my husband says procastinator, I can empathize with your situation. King is funny but he’s also right. The problem is you get so busy reading that you have no time left to write. Right? The only real answer is that you have to make time to apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair and stay there until you write something, anything.

  2. Janel

    “A writer writes.” So true and something I’ve been reminding myself of lately. Glad to see you’ve made writing a priority. I’m sure you’ll be happy and reap many benefits. :)

  3. Jennifer Orozco

    I can certainly empathize. I started my book blog to demystify the writing process. Being a procrastinator and underachiever haven’t helped me hone my writing skills, if I can even deceive myself into thinking I have some semblance of “skills.”

    Good luck. I found your blog on SheWrites and am now a new follower.

  4. Ellen

    Great post; love what you shared. I love Stephen King; I’m from Maine, originally~ His cousin was my math teacher…he was just
    as quirky as Stephen is! Keep at it!!!

  5. Dika Mogapi

    DJ Fresh (South African House music master) once said: ‘ Procastination is like musterbation, you’re only f***ng yourself’

    It’s 18:57, worked on my first draft at 12:00 – 14:45. I have learnt that writing feels like a drag for the first 30 minutes for me but once I am in the flow state…I forget everything but writing.
    ( I bought Neil Fiore’s The now habit two months ago and only started reading it three days ago. *hiding*
    Now I am learning how to rewire my brain to a productive state)

    Keep writing


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