April is a short story a week month


Sometimes Twitter can be dangerous. Early last month I tweeted a link to my post on Ray Bradbury and a short story a week and soon got caught up in a great Twitter conversation with my friends Adriane Giberson and Kim Switzer about actually writing a short story a week.

You can guess where this is going, right? We decided, right there and then, to write a short story a week in April.

And it’s April now. It’s actually been April for a while, but since April 1 fell midweek and also (excuses, excuses …) I was sick with the stomach flu, too, I think it’s a good idea to count this week as the first week in April.

Ray Bradbury’s challenge was actually to write a short story a week and submit a short story a week. I’m not quite ready for the submission part yet, although I do have two stories that are almost ready to go out. Only problem is, they’ve been at this almost ready stage for quite a while now.

There are people out there who are doing this as a year-long challenge. I just want to get my feet wet so for now I’m sticking to April.

Tonight I pulled some prompts to get my brain going. Here they are:

  1. creaking door
  2. destroyed what one values
  3. zombie/living dead/vampire/werewolf (oh, the choices!)
  4. stalker

My goal? To have the first short story written by this Sunday!

8 thoughts on “April is a short story a week month

  1. Athira

    *waving pom poms* You can do it!! It will be fun too especially since you have prompts all ready and set up. I would like to do this someday, just not now – maybe next year or the year after. Once I’m all settled. But I’d love to live vicariously through you – so looking forward to updates on your progress!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Thanks, Athira! I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll have four short stories written this month!

  2. Ti

    What interesting prompts. You were sick?? I hope you feel better now. The stomach flu is not fun at all.
    I think you can do this. I wonder what you’ll end up with. The zombie prompt sounds rather interesting. You know how I like a good zombie story.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I had the strangest bout of stomach flu – it was more flu than stomach. Both Ward and Dylan had the bug before me and there was a lot of throwing up and tummy-aching going on. I didn’t get either of those. Just a gassy tummy and 24 hours in bed, drifting in and out of sleep and listening to audiobooks. I would say it could have been worse, but now I’ve got this darn rash thing that could be related. In hindsight, throwing up might be preferable!


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