A New Look!

I had a fabulous time at Tosca; I learned that opera is extremely dramatic. Sex, violence, corruption – all the classic ingredients of a rip-roaring good tale. Once I got used to quickly glancing at the surtitles I found it easy to soak in the music, the beautiful voices and follow the story.

And then the next day, I got hit with a gentle cold which then morphed into a gentle flu. In the midst of which … my new blog design was installed! It was a lovely gift in the middle of all those tissues (and chicken noodle soup and reading in bed).

How do you like it? It was designed for me by Don Naylor, of Adeline’s Daddy, and let me tell you, I’ve worked with quite a few blog designers over the past six or seven years, and he tops them all.

I wasn’t an easy design client, because I was absolutely clueless as to what I wanted. All I could tell him were the genres of books that I like to write and read, and considering the variety (mystery, fantasy, urban fantasy, YA, children’s), I don’t think it was very helpful.

But Don took the plunge, and since I’d told him about how I pin lots of things I love at Pinterest, he looked through my boards so he could get a good feel for my personality. And then he came up with the beautiful header you see here.

It’s all perfect for me! The books represent all the books that I’m writing – I love that idea.

Don’s designs are very reasonably priced – you can check out his blog design services here. He works with both Blogger blog themes, and WordPress – and he’s SEO-savvy! Not to mention, very creative. And he has a fun blog, too.

So what do you think of my new look? Very me, no?

12 thoughts on “A New Look!

  1. Audra

    Gorgeous new design — I love it! So pretty and inviting! Also, so pleased you enjoyed your opera experience — I have two friends who work in opera and I’ve been lucky enough to see all their shows — so awesome. Unforgettable! I am very sorry, however, to hear about your cold — yucky! I’ve been battling something hideous all month — here’s hoping you get over your cold fast!

  2. Barbara

    Glad you enjoyed the opera and your new header is delightful, just like you. I’m just recovering from bronchitis which morphed into a cold so “I can feel your pain.” I just keep saying, “Spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming.”

  3. Care

    Nice! Very nice. I like clean crisp & color pops.

    Thanks for the LOVELY letter! Did you get a postcard yet? The ‘real’ letter is still in draft form; sending SOON. :)

    and get better! ‘morphed into gentle flu?’ is there such a thing?!


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