A Mystery Dream

I woke up from a dream that’s been driving me nuts all morning. I have very vivid dreams, and in about half of them, I’m more of an observer, watching events unfold. It can be like watching a movie, and I’ve dreamed many thrilling, blockbuster movie types of dreams.

But never one like the one I had this morning.

One of the characters (let’s call him Bob, just to give him a handle, although he was utterly nameless in my dream) was a detective. And he was investigating the murder of someone. The murder took place in a room filled with about ten people. The room looked like the library in an English manor house. And of course, none of the people saw a thing.

Bob suddenly finds himself back in the same room where the victim died, among the same crowd of people, attending the same kind of cocktail event in which the first victim died. And he’s peering down at the spot where the victim met his end, and suddenly I see his expression change. Something’s flashed through his mind. He knows something! And then BAM! He’s murdered too.

Enter detective no. 2. Let’s call him Lawrence. (He too was nameless in the dream. In fact, everyone was nameless.) Lawrence is now in charge of investigating both murders. He spends some time peering at Bob’s lifeless body, then there’s a fizzy bit (which felt absolutely normal in the dream) and suddenly, just like Bob, he’s back in the room, and it’s filled once again with the same group of people.

And Lawrence is standing where Bob was, examining the spot where both victims died, and I see the same flash of sudden understanding in his face. I mean, I’m prickly all over with his knowledge – except that I don’t know what that sudden knowledge is!

Lawrence straightens up, and my attention is drawn to this auburn-haired woman standing at the other end of the room.

And then I wake up.

So frustrating! Since the dream presented me with no information about motive, or even the identity of the first victim, there’s very little to go on. No forensics evidence – I don’t even know how the victims died. All I know is that the auburn-haired woman is (maybe) the culprit, but I don’t know how she did it.

The questions! What did both Bob and Lawrence see? How did Lawrence know it was the auborn-haired woman? Was it even the auborn-haired woman? And if it was, how did she kill both men in that room, in front of all those people?

I angsted over this all morning and the only thing I could come up with was the not-very-credible idea of a golden hairpin that shoots self-dissolving micro darts filled with a deadly poison. Which might have worked if 007 had been involved in the dream, but Bond was nowhere in sight. No, this one was a classic kind of mystery story.

I think maybe it’s a sign that I’ve been reading way too many mysteries lately.

Any ideas, anyone? And have you ever had a mystery dream, either with or without the solution? This is my first. Despite the frustration of not knowing whodunnit, I did quite enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “A Mystery Dream

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I can`t believe I didn’t think of this solution, Tasha! And now other things are clear – obviously, when both Lawrence and Bob got their Aha! moment, it was because they were looking down on the ground where the victims had lain, and peeking at them from underneath the sofa was the spine of Murder on the Orient Express.

      I’m a little saddened that my dream was so derivative, though …

  1. Megan M.

    You know how in shows like The Closer, the detective would be doing something or hear someone say something in their regular life and it would suddenly make something fall into place for them about the murder they were investigating? I had a dream that showed me a “real-life” moment that would help someone solve a murder, and I woke up and was like, “This is so great! I’ll totally remember this!” and I didn’t write it down.

    Of course, I forgot it by the end of the day. I still wonder what it was.


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