A Long Weekend Monday

It’s the long weekend here in Canada: Victoria’s Day weekend. And as often happens—it’s one of the dangers of living the freelance life—it really snuck up on me.

In the future, I’m hoping to develop a work schedule where I don’t work on the weekends. Hopefully if I do this, I’ll actually know when a long weekend is coming up! But for now, I usually do quite a lot of work over the weekends, long weekend or not, and this weekend has been no exception.

But! Fireworks!


Fireworks are a part of the usual round of Victoria Day weekend celebrations around here, and tonight we’re hoping to catch the fireworks show at Ashbridges Bay—I love fireworks. They’re so beautiful and so celebratory. Perfect for lifting funky moods out of the funk.

Dylan also has friends over for a sleepover, so things are quite busy today. Nothing like a bunch of pre-teen boys to liven up the place!

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends!

Photo credit: Pixabay

One thought on “A Long Weekend Monday

  1. Heidenkind

    I don’t mind working weekends, usually. If there’s something I want to do I just make sure to get my work finished beforehand.


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