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If I was knee deep in indexing deadlines, this would be a short post that would read something like this:

10:00 am – 3:00 am Work on index. (With a bleary shot of my desk.)

But I’m not knee deep in deadlines—yay! Here’s what my Tuesday this week looked like (warning: it’s on the boring side). I decided to use Tuesday for my Day in the Life because on Tuesdays (along with Thursdays and Saturdays) I’m in charge of getting Dylan to dance class, so at least I do step outside to break up the monotony of the day.

8:30 am

Darn! I meant to wake up earlier. I just started using the Passion Planner and today is the first time I’ve tried scheduling things into my day. As in, first time ever. And I’m already off track.

8:35 to 10:00 am

Coffee (coconut flavoured!) and tea (green!) in bed, brought to me by the book-reading demon.

Coffee and teaMy cat mugs

Dylan, who has finished his math earlier in the morning with the book-reading demon, comes and sits with me in bed to do his English, French and science work. The book-reading demon leaves to teach classes.

In between helping Dylan out with the more challenging bits and checking the work he’s finished, I check email, catch up on Twitter and read posts in various Facebook groups. When Dylan’s finished, we do one of the Smiling Mind meditations together. Today he’s doing the movement meditation, which gets him all giggly. (I forgot to take a picture of any of this.)

10:00-10:30 am

ACIMACIM and my notebook

Meditation and A Course in Miracles, which I started reading eleven days ago. I’m not understanding much of what I’m reading at all, I’m afraid.

10:30-11:30 am

bugs n cheeseDoesn’t look very appetizing, does it?

Make Dylan lunch. Today it’s pasta with homemade Bugs ‘n’ Cheese sauce (the Bugs ‘n’ Cheese dish from Boston Pizza is his favourite meal, so the book-reading demon worked out something similar that includes lots of cauliflower in it). Dylan loves it.

Have my breakfast: banana and a glass of kefir.

11:30 am– 2:00 pm

Really bad pictures of my workspace. The sun was just pouring in and I couldn’t get a good picture from any angle.

My WorkspaceWhere I work

My Workspace 2From another angle. Cat on top of my chair

I’m already an hour and a half behind. So much for scheduling my day! I settle in to work on the articles I have due this week. I have research to do before I can write each article. This part gets a little boring, as the topics aren’t particularly interesting ones (I’m writing about S corporations and LLCs), but once I have the research done the writing is enjoyable.


I also have lunch at my desk. Sad but true: I do find myself eating at my desk a lot. Today it’s mini fish sliders with mango slaw and lemony sour cream, leftovers from a meal we made from the Eat St. cookbook—it’s filled with food truck recipes and every recipe we’ve made so far (and we’ve made several of them) has been really delicious.

DEAR timeReading Neil Flambé and the Aztec Abduction

I don’t spend the entire time working, though. Dylan’s schedule is pretty structured in that he has set activities he does every week day, and on Tuesday afternoons that’s DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read), piano practice, some electronics time and some non-electronics time—sketching, LEGO and working on one of his projects. So I do a lot of coordinating of activities and, when he’s taking a break, I usually have to stop working, because he likes to talk his way through his breaks.

2:10 pm – 2:45 pm

Break timeBreak time, with cat on lap

And speaking of breaks, it’s time for mine! Having ginger tea and reading the Swedish mystery Spring Tide. Dylan practices piano while I’m doing this. Lots of talking in between the pieces he plays.

2:45 pm – 4:00 pm

Back to work. I am way behind schedule. According to my planner, I’m supposed to be finished with the articles and working on my middle grade manuscript right now, but that obviously isn’t going to happen. I keep plugging away at the work stuff.

4:00 pm – 4:10 pm

A short break to make Dylan a grilled cheese sandwich. He has hip hop tonight, so he’ll need the energy. (I guess I should have taken a picture of him eating his sandwich.)

4:10 pm – 5:15 pm

Keep working until the last possible minute before we have to leave. Two articles done, two more to go.

5:15 pm – 8:00 pm

on our way homeOn our way home

Take Dylan to his hip hop class. I wait at a nearby Starbucks while he’s in class. Often I read, but tonight I’m on my phone, catching up on emails, Twitter and Flipboard. On our way home, we pick up subs from Subway for dinner.

8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Eat sub. Read book. Try to relax but feel guilty about not working.

9:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Clean the kitchen, while listening to Veronica Mars: The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Dylan gets ready for bed. When he’s done, I tuck him in.

10:00 pm – 10:45 pm

Write tomorrow’s blog post, What I’ve learned from nearly four months of blogging. The book-reading demon gets home.

10:45 pm – 11:00 pm

Debate with myself about the merits of pulling out the third article assignment and getting some work done. Decide not to. Rustle up a snack, pour myself a glass of wine.

11:00 pm – 1:00 am

Read! And then off to bed.

I’m linking this post up at Trish’s A Day in the Life event. Visit for more fun reads about A Day in the Life of other bloggers!

20 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Athira

    I always feel guilty when I start tracking my day because funnily then I find out that my day hasn’t been going as well as I thought it was lol. I think you certainly have a lot to do in a day with tons of variety, so that makes it fun. Great post!

  2. Kay

    Wow! What a day! Writing about S Corporations – riveting! No, it just makes me think about my college Business Law class. I found that interesting and not by turns. You seem very scheduled to me, even if you didn’t stick strictly to your written list. You accomplished, ate what looked like marvelous food, spent time with your kiddo and helped him, and kept up with documenting the day. Seems like a lot got done. :-)

  3. Suey

    Love how you fit things in between other things! Also interesting to me is the fact that when you take your son to dance, you wait for him. Our places are all close enough that I take, come home, go back and pick up. Having a calm moment while waiting seems awesome. (I did do this a few times, but then the waiting was only like a half hour.) Fun day!

  4. Trish

    When I was at home I could never decide if it was good to get out of the house or not. Ha! Some days it seemed like such a to-do, but the break up is nice. And goodness your planner would stress me out. I’m afraid I would always be behind. :) The noodles look good to me…I actually had a friend recommend “alfredo” made with cauliflower. Need to try it. And Dylan is looking so grown up lately! So handsome.

  5. Kathy

    I love seeing how you spend your day! I wish I were more of the organized, use a planner type but I think I’d feel guilty if I got behind or went off schedule. :) It’s so fun that your cat is kind of your background buddy throughout your day.

  6. Ti

    First off. Dylan is getting so big!

    Second, that 1 a.m. bedtime is too much! We talked about this before. Really. You need to hit the sack earlier.

    I do like that you have breaks built in. Sorry that the new planner emphasized how behind you were but you’ll get the hang of it. New planner break in time is no less than 2 weeks.

  7. Literary Feline

    Those cat mugs are adorable! And I had to giggle when I read “Bugs ‘n’ Cheese “. That’s a great name.

    What a full day! I loved the photo additions. It’ll be interesting to find out how the Passion Planner works once you’ve used it for awhile. I feel like I’m always behind with something and some days I feel so unproductive. Especially on the weekends.

    Thank you for sharing your day! It’s amazing what all you are able to fit in!

  8. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    DEAR time – I love that! I’m going to have to drop that on my family sometime and see if they will take the hint and read with me. LOL It was fantastic to get a glimpse of your day like this – I find the writer work day very fascinating!

  9. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Even though you don’t feel like you got much done you definitely sound productive! Your lunch looks absolutely divine. I’m bad about doing a sandwich and chips or something really plain. I need to brighten up my plate! I’m bad about feeling guilty about not getting everything done so I finally set a quitting time and I’m not allowed to work after that.

  10. Florinda

    I think that the fact you’re working and homeschooling simultaneously means your days are VERY productive! We keep very different hours, but I really enjoyed seeing how you spend yours.

  11. Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll)

    Interesting that the Passion Planner has made you feel behind on your day. That’s why I didn’t gravitate to it the first time I saw that video. I will say that I’ve occasionally had some success with scheduled days. Most recently with Goals on Track (http://www.goalsontrack.com/) and with some of the more advanced bits of the Pomodoro Technique (http://pomodorotechnique.com/).

    It takes practice, though. The failure, I have to remind myself, is not that I’m not working fast enough. It’s that I’m not estimating my time accurately enough. After a couple of weeks where I make note of my estimate vs the actual time taken, things get better. In fact, it’s helpful to go through that exercise once a year or so to re-calibrate. Otherwise, my to-do lists become wish lists in disguise because there is no way I’ll have time to everything I shove into them.

  12. Megan

    I kind of love your day. Is that weird to say? It sounds full and productive but not *frantic* with a little relaxation peppered into the right places. Could you maybe start planning my days? 😉


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