100+ Reading Challenge 2009

Adding to my list of reading challenges (I can’t believe there are so many!), I’ll be doing J. Kaye’s 100+ Reading Challenge in 2009, too.

I’ll be using this post to keep track of my numbers, listing books read as I read them. It seems like the most efficient way of doing things!

1. Airhead, by Meg Cabot (My review of Airhead.)
2. White Corridor, by Christopher Fowler (My review of White Corridor.)
3. The Squad: Perfect Cover, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (My review of The Squad: Perfect Cover.)
4. The Squad: Killer Spirit, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (My review of The Squad: Killer Spirit.)
5. Skeleton Creek, by Patrick Carman (My review of Skeleton Creek.)
6. Full Dark House, by Christopher Fowler (My review of Full Dark House.)
7. Rough Weather, by Robert B. Parker (My review of Rough Weather.)
8. Ten Second Staircase, by Christopher Fowler
9. Jinx, by Meg Cabot
10. Missing You (1-800-Where-R-You, Book 5), by Meg Cabot
11. Bones, by Jonathan Kellerman
12. Pictures of Perfection, by Reginald Hill
13. Ruling Passion, by Reginald Hill
14. A Pinch of Snuff, by Reginald Hill
15. The Third Degree, by Norah McClintock
16. Over the Edge, by Norah McClintock
17. Double Cross, by Norah McClintock
18. A Rule Against Murder, by Louise Penny (The Murder Stone in Canada)
19. The Victoria Vanishes, by Christopher Fowler
20. The Case of the Left-handed Lady, by Nancy Springer
21. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets, by Nancy Springer

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